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Altius consulting is a firm with wide experience in consulting and educational field.

Over 1000 employees of numerous domestic and foreign owned companies have attended our trainings, seminars and workshops as shown on our long reference list.

By providing consultancy and training services in numerous fields we have made a basis for business improvement as well as increased the level of competence of people responsible for the successful business operation.

We organized the first Controlling Conference - Crisis Controlling which gathered for the first time in Croatia the controllers from all over the country as well as the Second Conference: Controlling - Throwing down the Gauntlet to the Croatian Companies - in 2010.

This was followed by the first Conference on Transfer Pricing and International Tax Issues.

Together with our partners we started a one-year education for two careers: one as a controlling manager and another as a financial and accounting manager.

Clients first

We believe that our success is a result of our beliefs: to deliver applicable and practical knowledge at each training and at every consulting session through cooperation and mutual partner relationship. In other words, the needs and requirements of our clients always come first.

Our ultimate goal is the ultimate goal of our clients - improvement in business operations and procedures and increase of knowledge level.

Altius Team

The members of Altius Team are the experts with a vast experience who can answer the questions with which the clients are confronted on a daily basis. We do not offer our clients anything that we would not want for ourselves - practical and applicable knowledge.

Education and Consulting

Education in the service of day-to-day situations

Unfortunately, many companies still consider the investment in education to be an unnecessary expense, instead of being the best investment to increase the business performances and achieve financial results.

Knowledge should always be fashionable... Another truth would be that sometimes it is very complicated to apply the acquired knowledge in practice and in the real-life situations, just as it isn’t always easy for the company to create the atmosphere where knowledge would be in the first place.

We believe in knowledge and the benefits of education. We believe that the educated employee is the greatest asset to every company.

Our education comprises the following fields:

  • controlling
  • financial, cost, managerial and forensic accounting
  • application of IFRS and CFRS (Croatian Financial Reporting Standards)
  • business and tax consulting
  • business analysis, due diligence and restructuring
  • international and domestic tax and transfer pricing issues
  • establishment / implementation of IT and control systems
  • risk management
  • organization and management
  • psychology in management
  • human resources management
  • communication, leadership and decision making

In-house programs

Respecting the specific circumstances of every company, we shape the in-house programs according to its needs and carry them out on company’s premises. The discussion with the CEO and other management members before the training serves a purpose of establishing the goals and creating the detailed contents of the program. A large part of the training is intended for the interaction with the participants, i.e. for the targeted questions and answers as well as dilemma solutions.

Altius provides business consulting services in the following fields:

  • controlling
  • accounting (financial, cost, managerial and forensic)
  • business planning
  • financial restructuring, sanation and reorganization
  • reporting
  • due diligence and analysis
  • IT in business

Tax Consultancy

How to optimize profit and the tax base to pay just as much tax as required? Sometimes help is necessary.

Altius offers consulting in the following fields:

  • transfer prices and the international taxation
  • corporate tax, value added tax, income tax
  • tax planning

Introduction of Controlling

Altius continuously works on broadening the level of knowledge and expertise in the controlling field by making it a function without which no company can imagine running a business. In collaboration with the partner firm, our consultants help the Croatian companies to introduce, implement and/or develop the controlling function. They are specialized in offering the expert advice to the companies that have decided to introduce or improve their controlling practice.

Expert Conferences

Controlling Conferences

We were the first to gather the experts in the field of controlling in 2009 through the Conference on Crisis Controlling. We discussed what has to be done so that controlling would improve its position within the companies, have a positive impact on the business, especially in the time of crisis. The following year 2010, on the Second Conference, Throwing down the Gauntlet to the Croatian Companies, we discussed the topic of introduction and development of controlling, offering it as a challenge that should be accepted, successfully implemented and developed.

Conference on Transfer Pricing and International Taxation

On the First Conference on Transfer Pricing and International Taxation that we organized in 2010 we witnessed the great interest in this topic which is becoming increasingly important. That is why we will keep following the news in the fields of the international taxation and regularly organize the conferences about it, in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and the tax experts.

School of Controlling

In collaboration with the partner firm, as a part of the Business Academy Experta’s program, in 2008 we started a one-year education program for the position of controlling manager. The program was approved by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia and the qualification is registered and officially recognized. The schooling is intended for everyone who works in the position of controlling manager or as a member of controlling team and recognizes its great potential, for the owners of small and medium-sized companies, as well as managers at all levels.

School of financial and accounting management

One-year schooling for the vocation of financial accounting manager in collaboration with the partner firm as a part of the Business Academy Experta’s program was started in 2009. It is intended for the managers in finance and accounting and for those who still do not have the experience in accounting management, but want to work in this field, for the owners of the small and medium-sized companies and the experienced managers. The program is officially recognized.

Book: Controlling - A Management from the Backstage

A practical book on introduction and development of controlling and its tools and models, written by co-authors Ms. Andreja Švigir MSc., the co-owner of Altius, Controlling - A Management from the Backstage explains in plain language the methods and the techniques of controlling, whose goal is a safer and a more successful management.


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